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PM Formulas Reviews by Actual Customers

PM formulas emails

Thank you for sending the emails with the formula review and description.  The description of each is very helpful with my studying.

Peter Tatro
Fond du Lac

Abundance of Data

My initial impression of the Study Guide was information overload! Coupled with the 2-a-day Program Management Professional Formula guide and Prepcast types of questions emails that I was receiving, I knew that I had chosen the right study partner! However, the sheer volume of the information that was flooding into my email was daunting. This has been my daily schedule since I purchased the PrepCast: Print the emails, compare my answer of the previous days question to the correct answer, read...

Donn Kasper
Pride Industires
Thousand Oaks

Title of What?

While the formula emails are great they make up very little of the test.  I think I had 3 or 4 very basic formula questions on the test

Ryan Hampton

Excellent Explanations!

I'm taking my PMP exam this week and really wanted to nail down the math. Ordered the PM Formulas package. Great resource and very helpful! I definetly feel more confident going into exam week! 

Robert A.
New York
New York

Director of Manufacturing

The PMP formula guide has been very helpful to me.  Getting an email every day is useful reminder to continue to study (in addition to the actual study content).  Each note is easy to digest and gets you to study for an extra five to ten minutes a day - especially on an important exam topic that you might not be focusing on that day (or even at all).

I enjoy the regular exam tips and formula notes.  These are great motivators and tool to keep focusing on getting that PM...

Thomas Maguire
Santa Clara


Yes, These Formulas are very good and helpful.

United States


Dear ,

 Thank You for requesting for feedback, following is my feedback,

1. Expectations not set - In terms on how many E-mails will I receive , what is the duration , when is the last e-mail gonna come. No expectations set at all.

2. No particular order in receiving E-mails , I believe there has to be a sequence of education.

3. A final e-mail with a attachement document consolidating all the formula and explanations.

On the flip side ,


Mohammed Irfan


The illustration is very profound. Beyond studying for the pmp exams, I find the pmp formula guide very engaging as elicits the urge to adapt the knowledge to real life project scenarios. 

Jideofor Ebeogu

PMP Formula Guide

I love the formula guide - it's an entertained way of learning boring formulas. Frankly, it would have been difficult to remember all the formiulas without fun explanation the guide provides


Wan Mustapha Wan Ismail

The formula sheets had helped me a lot to get through the PMP and the PMI-SP exams. Its a piece of a gem. It is a well prepared and concise document which is tailored to ease the understanding, memorising and its logical layout makes it really appealing and suited to aspiring PMP advocates. It is a MUST to have to get through the exams.


So far so good

I am studing for the PMP, so far I really like the formula emails and the emails with others experience (Today's Expert).  I am doing really well with the prepcast. I am really liking all the study material and all the material that are making me feel very secure and supported. Thank you.

Norma Derqui-Lopez
North Carolina

Awesome! But timing is wrong

I've read most of them and archived them for review later.  Not sure if this is possible, but if it could be in lock step with the material I'm studying that would be even better. To date I've received about 10, but I'm only on module 5 and haven't reached formulas yet.


enjoying the course, thanks!

- lee

Lee McCallum



I found the formula guide helpful, short enough to be read and long enough to be understood.


Guillaume GELEE
G Cube



I find them helpful. At the moment I take each email and print it out for later review on the train. 

Would be nice to have all these in a .pdf (I know there is a formula document, and your explanations are helpful).



Shane C Sasnow
Forward Motion
United States

Formula Guide and E-mail lessons

Hi Guys, the PM Formula StudyGuide and the e-mail lessons gave me an understanding of the practical application of the formulas, especially the present and future value. I find the simple way of presenting and explanation very helpful! A great tool to have!

Peet Vorster
Cross Process Engineering
South Africa

Study made simple

Study made simple

Pod cast made refersher training easy and quick.  Repeatable examples and relevant application to real workd scenarios make the formulas more than algebraic text.  Easy and they stick with you.

Steve Evans

Using the Force

I've used several powerpoint to flash converters and powerpoint force has some considerable advantages... not least the very easy integration with Wordforce (a lovely way to put large documents online) and Quizforce (simple, straightforward and very easy to use). Then the very easy and effective integration with joomlalms as a scorm course. The support given is excellent. Does not cause MS office to hang, throw errors or have a hissy fit (unlike many others I could mention!). What powerpoint ...

Dr. John Kenworthy

Franck Scipion

Thanks a lot for allowing us to test your excellent products, and we will not hesitate to recommend your solution. It does what it says, and does it well !!!

Franck Scipion

Ray Snyder

Very informative and helpful.

Ray Snyder

Mohammed Jabbar

PM Formula Study Guide has increased my confidence and I am able to do problems with easy and understanding. Cheat helps me in learning formulas by heart.

Mohammed Jabbar

Gil Pizano

Excellent Value to all who choose to take the little bit of time it takes to review and apply to memory the information provided! The information and the way it is provided is really and truly priceless to anyone who wishes to acquire and/or maintain a PMP certification. It's also priceless to those who want to be better project managers!

Gil Pizano

Regis Piccand

I'm not a math kind of guy, and really needed some support to better understand what the formulas where about, and how to apply them. The PM Formula Guide was a great tool to learn about these. The 1-page cheat-sheet was always with me. I have used the Head First PMP preparation book and it is missing a concise and complete description of all formulas that you have to know for the exam. The PM Formulas guide filled the gap perfectly.

Regis Piccand


The materials were very well put together. I am concerned however that i couldnt find alot of the formulas in the PMBOK edition 4, so are wondering how current the material is?

[Editor's response: All our PMP Exam Prep materials are 100% updated for the most current version of the PMP Exam. The reason why you cannot find the formulas in the PMBOK Guide is that only about 75% of the exam is directly related to the Guide. The rest of the material comes from various other sources. Rest a...

Duncan Hundley

Susana Reyna Salinas

Dear Cornelius:

I would like to  get the rest of the formulas by email, as well as like the PMP Formula Study Guide, the 101 PMP Sample Questions Formula, the Formula Pocket Guide and this email Course.
Although it would be sensational if the 101 pmp sample questions could  be in a podcastt, because i could  listen while I drive way to work or home, my journey is 1:15 in the morning and back 1:30.
I\'m not clear how it would work through the Face or Twitter, I have an acc...

Susana Reyna Salinas

Project Manager

The PMP Formula Guide is a fantstic tool.

The explanations are clear and concise for all formulas.

I especially liked the 105 question quiz.    The detailed answers helped me to understand how touse the formulas correctly.

Toni Parks

Robert Servranckx

I found the PM Formulas guide to be excellent. It provides a thorough and in-depth - yet concise - way to learn, review and completely understand all of the formulas needed for the PMP exam, all in one very handy guide.
The sample formula-focused exam was also great - a fantastic confidence booster, as the questions really made sure you needed to understand the theory behind the numbers and formulas, rather than just knowing them "by heart".
I highly recommend this product - it is ...

Robert Servranckx

Manager - IT Project Management Office

The PM Formula Guide was more than just formulas.  The Formula guide includes explanations on how to use the formulas and what they mean.    You still have to memorize the formulas, but it is easier, once you understand their purpose.


Mirza Z. Ali

Good job for putting together the formula sheet. I did not have to look at any other source for formulas. It is a comprehensive list of formulae that are required to answer related questions in the exam.

Mirza Z. Ali

Danielle Kellogg

While the information is available elsewhere, this product presents all formulas in a way that is easy for review and practice.

Danielle Kellogg
United States

Simple & Useful

The PM Formulas are all Essence, made my thoughts are correct and clear. Thanks for your abstractions from PMBOK!

Cao Hui
Wu Han

ITS Manager

A very simple way of explaining the formula\'s and the formula based questions. I would had scored 9/9 in PMP exam only bcoz of the PMP Formula Study Guide and will recommend this to people who are scared of mathematical questions a kilometer away like me.

Thanks Fichtner for your excellent questionnaire.

S.R.Basha, PMP

Shaik Rabbani

Kamal Condle

This was very useful as I kept in front of me all the time read several times and got memorized and Passed my PMP Exam

Kamal Condle
United States

Maurizio Borrelli

The PMP Formula Study Guide is a very well organized set of tools and a good approach to memorize and understand the formulas or to refresh the knowledge.

Maurizio Borrelli

Leeza Mathews

I would definitely recommend the PM Formula StudyGuide.
It provides a comprehensive source for the key formulas required for the exam, and it also reviews the concepts behind the formulas, which is key to understanding what formula to use and how to apply it. A very handy tool to use for your exam preparation.

Leeza Mathews

Strategic Planning Consultant

I pass my exam on 18/1/2011.

I buy the The PM Formulas..
before maybe one month and it\'s was very helpfull to understand and more practical questions for EVM.

I advice everybody to buy it.

Abdallah Kurdi

Senior Programmer / Analyst

The PMP Formula Guide has cleared much of my confusion, after reading McCaulky\'s and PMBok publications.  It is deeply appreciated and readily anticipated.  It truly is a job well done!

Miguel Rodriguez
Frisco, Texas

SAP Consultant

PMP Formula StudyGuide provided by PM Podcast is Indispensable Asset for the preparation of PMP Exam Well done Boyz !!!


Mehmet Serhat Ozener

The formulas sheet you gave is really easy to understand and much more sufficient to solve PMP formula related exam questions. It deserves every penny I gave. Thank you very much.

Mehmet Serhat Ozener

Mahendra Kumar Agrawal

The PM Formulas was an excellent resource to ensure that I know all my formulas and that I am able to tackle any question surrounding the formulas (or their derivatives).

Thanks for making such a wonderful resource available.

Mahendra Kumar Agrawal

Sanjay Moholkar

The PMP Exam Formula Study Guide helped me in answering  all formulae based questions.The guide also helped me in understanding the principles underlying the formulae.I recommend this guid to all who wish to take the PMP exam.

Sanjay Moholkar

Hazem Hamed M. Khalil

The world of complex PM formula related to the exam is really uneasy and unsecured area of study,unless you are specialized in it.The range of this difficulty can vary from being easy to an extremely difficult one.But,usually,this ranges only from an easy to a moderate degree.Comparatively,those formulas are sometimes even different from one source of information to other.Since,you have to use every possible tool that is possibly available to you for your exam preparation,I still would recomm...

Hazem Hamed M. Khalil

Information Systems Manager

PM PrepCast & PM Formulas are the best material to kick start PM studies. I found it very helpful as primer in doing self studies. Important part of it is we can listen, revise it at our flexible time and moment. I had it handy on my mobile device. PM Formulas is the snap of all important formulas in PMBOK guide in a sheet, which is quickest thing we can refer, it help as a quick mind map tool.

Khaja Nooruddin

Florentino M. Pelayo

Your PMP Exam Formula Study Guide has given me the confidence to answer all the questions that require calculations. It really helped me in understanding the principles and with your good examples I was able to memorize by heart the formulas. I always practice my "brain dump" method prior to each review session in my study room. I am really glad to obtain your very valuable Formula Study Guide. Keep up your good works and I will surely recommend your tool to all my friends who are keen to tak...

Florentino M. Pelayo

David D. Vassar

I would just like to say that your product is reasonably priced and is the BEST that I have seen when addressing formulas and I have purchased over 15 different books and studyguides. Keep up the good work. This product is a must by for those who are serious about passing the exam.

David D. Vassar
Beavecreek, Ohio

Prasad Patnaik

PMP Exam Formula Study Guide is usefull to refresh the knowledge.

Prasad Patnaik

Noel Hopkins

It would certainly be a great help for those who are new to PMP and do not have access to the PMP resurces or not aware of its existence.

Noel Hopkins

Victor Musallam

I think the way you sent these concepts one at a time is very effective and it is not overwhelming. I like it.

Victor Musallam
Sacramento, California

Peter Tillemans

The PMP Exam Formula Study Guide offers a clean overview of the math stuff needed without digging it from the PMBOK or other sources. I found that separating the nubers from the words helped me getting both better into the respective portions of my brain.

Peter Tillemans

M.I Muhammed Nizar

The PMP Exam Formula Study Guide is a perfect exam oriented tool which is comprehensive but excatly pointing and covering the subject area. I was facing difficulties in this formula sections before, god sake , after I got it now this section seems to be very easy and giving great confident on the exam. Thank you so much for wonderful endeavour.

M.I Muhammed Nizar

Debbie Deland

I wasn't sure I had all the formulas on my formula cheat sheet. I found the formula materials very helpful to make sure I had all the formulas and values, which I didn't. I also found it great as a review of my understanding at that point. I am doing the PMP Certification in a month, so short cutting the time to ferret out all the formulas was very helpful. I also really like getting the emails with a formula at a time. I could verify and cement my understanding with each daily email.

Debbie Deland
Orlando, Florida

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